Cannabis 21 Plus: A Successful Launch in California’s New Cannabis Market

Cannabis 21 Plus is a cannabis business that was launched in 2019 in California. The company is dedicated to providing safe, legal, and quality cannabis products to customers. Its founders, John and Sarah Smith, saw the opportunity to create a business that would support the growth of the state’s cannabis industry.

The Smiths built their business on the pillars of quality, safety, and customer service. They source their cannabis from trusted suppliers and strive to provide high-quality, consistent products. They also place a strong emphasis on customer service, ensuring that each customer has a positive experience.

Cannabis 21 Plus has seen great success in California’s cannabis market since its launch. The company has quickly grown its customer base and now serves more than 10,000 customers across California. The company has also been recognized as a leader in the industry, with its products earning numerous awards and recognition, including “Best Cannabis Product” at the 2019 Cannabis Awards.

Cannabis 21 Plus is a great example of the success that can be achieved in California’s cannabis market. The company has embraced the challenges of the emerging industry and has found success by providing quality products and excellent customer service. The Smiths’ commitment to their business model has allowed them to quickly establish themselves as a leader in the industry.

Cannabis 21 Plus