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Cannabis 101
Cannabis 101

The abc of cannabis: history, culture, scientific studies. Everything you need to know, whether you're a beginner or an expert, can be found here. And we count on your posts!

Not always couch locked... (More)
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Linfa e le micro-coltivazioni

Provate a cercare su Google immagini “Coltivazione di Marijuana”. Il risultato sembra raccontare una sola storia: grandi piantagioni all’aperto, filari perfettamente disposti in enormi serre, impianti industriali capaci di produrre chilogrammi di infiorescenze destinate ai negozi specializzati o... al mercato... (More)

A World of Strains

There was a time when people smoked weed, and weed was just weed. It was not easy for everyone to find it, and at most, it could be classified as "good" or "shit.” Knowing its origin and other physical and... (More)