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Don't Worry Be a Happy Growers!


The first independent community for legal cannabis home growers and Linfa grow box enthusiasts.

This is the place to introduce yourself and find answers to your first questions.

Ciao mi chiamo Maurizio, piacere di fare la vostra conoscenza.

Welcome to We❤️GrowingCannabis!

Hello from Annah and Jack, two passionate legal cannabis home growers.

After years of toiling with complicated grow boxes, we found a new grow box called Linfa, and fell in love with it. Now is the time to share... (More)

Ciao, io sono italiano e coltivo con Linfa da più di un anno. Arrivo da anni di piacevole consumo ma non avevo mai coltivato. Finalmente libertà di scegliere il mio raccolto!

Happy cannabis day... and news from Robonica

An Italian friend of mine, also a Linfa grower, has just forwarded me an email he just received from Robonica, Linfa's manufacturer. You Italians are in luck: they chose cannabis day to launch three new kits for growing legal cannabis... (More)