“High Time in Hattiesburg at Your Local Cannabis Dispensary”

Roll on down to the hub of the ‘Burg because SOAR Dispensary is redefining relaxation in Hattiesburg, one customer at a time. Think we’re puffing up smoke? Try us out, we’re no ordinary cannabis dispensary!

We’re firm believers that laughter is the best medicine. Paired with our premium selection of cannabis, we’ll have you soaring with joy before you can say ‘Pot City, USA!’ Become a high-flyer in Hattiesburg with our wide array of strains that will lift you up and mellow you out in the most delightful way.

Whatever your reason to visit us, be it for medicinal marijuana, premium cannabis products, or to tantalize your taste buds with our high-quality edibles – we guarantee a trip you’ll remember. Bet you didn’t think a trip to the dispensary could be so trendy, enjoyable and, dare we say it, hilarious? Well, Hattiesburg, it’s time to elevate your perceptions. So come on down; let’s make Hattiesburg the high point of Mississippi together.