Providing Scaling Solutions with Efficient Cannabis Software

Welcome to the future of Cannabis Workforce Management! The cannabis industry moves rapidly and you need a software solution that can keep up with that pace. That solution is Wurk.

With Wurk, streamlining your operations just became simpler. Our platform functions as a seamless human capital management tool for dispensaries, handling everything from payroll to HR, eliminating the need for multiple systems. By integrating your workforce’s scheduling, timekeeping, and management into one platform, you can really take your team’s productivity to the next level.

If you’ve ever struggled with standard payroll systems’ lack of flexibility to accommodate cannabis-centric regulations and nuances, Wurk’s tailored cannabis payroll provider service is for you. Uniquely designed to cope with the complexities of the cannabis industry, our software ensures compliance, accuracy and stress-free payroll cycles.

Furthermore, Wurk isn’t just about workforce management and payroll. Our platform includes an inbuilt ‘Canna Recruiter’ service, transforming hiring and onboarding processes. We help you find the right candidates and get them up and running, reducing time and resources spent on recruitment.

Wurk is the comprehensive solution to handling the everyday and the exceptional within the cannabis industry. Let’s grow together, with Wurk.