Growing cannabis is relatively easy. Growing it outdoors especially. In the simplest version, you just plant the seeds, irrigate and wait. After all, cannabis is an ancient plant, it can take care of itself. But if you choose to grow your weed this way, you will be in for many surprises, not always pretty ones.

First of all, the harvest quality will be unpredictable: it will depend on the climate, the soil conditions, possible attacks of pests, and even the presence or absence of male plants. But even if everything goes well, you might not enjoy your harvest because someone else, before you did, appreciated it and took it over at night. These things happen, It is a cruel world.

For this reason, among others, many people choose to grow their favorite plants indoors, safely, away from prying eyes, pests, and the whims of the weather. Many of the things that in outdoor growing would depend on nature end up under our direct control at home. In our delirium of omnipotence, it will be up to us to take control of the light, the growing medium (soil or otherwise), temperature, humidity, etc.

So the main way to grow at home is indoors for these reasons:

  • Adaptability: regardless of the size of your home you'll find a solution that suits your case
  • Quality: indoor growing allows for greater control of the entire process, from germination to harvest.
  • Multiple harvests: no matter where you are you can have harvests all year round.
  • Safety and privacy: remember that indoor growing is subject to strict regulations even in countries where it is legal. Growing indoors allows you to grow while respecting the rules.

Before going into the various possibilities offered by nature and technology, and especially thanks to the experience of those who have already grown, let's remember the main ingredients for growing inside your home.

The equipment: a tent, a closet... up to the most innovative grow box

The light: plants grow with light! It is on light that you must invest for your growing project.

The medium: the most natural is soil, but the simplest, most effective and safest is "soilless", the so-called hydroponics.

Let's find out the killer right away: we choose the fully automated grow box solution, but below is a selection of the best growing guides we found on the web.

The final choice is yours!

DIY beginner guide

For those who have a lot of time, very limited budget and great ability to DIY.

What do you need to grow at home

Leafly Guide

In this comprehensive article, you'll discover everything you need to start a home grow: from the ideal location to the lights, from the air circulation system to the growth medium etc.

First, the aspiring home grower needs a place designated for growing. A grow room is a luxury not everyone can afford, so most of us are content to choose a corner of our home to dedicate to this activity.

The first thing to do is to get a grow box or grow tent.

Build A DIY Cannabis Grow Tent In Just 3 Steps

Royal Queen Seeds Blog

If you are the Ikea person and love DIY, you might consider building your own grow box. This article explains step by step how to do it in less than a day.   However, before embarking on the task, we recommend evaluating the costs and the commitment required.

Everything you need to know about DIY grow tents

Weedmaps Guide

Here's another guide to building your grow tent. From reasons to do it to how to do it, this article is full of details and will allow you to make a very informed decision.

Dealing with all this can be challenging, especially for those new to home growing who want to keep it as simple as possible.

Ready-made grow tents

But after you have built or purchased your mini grow box, there is still much to do.  You'll need to get lights, a ventilation system, pots, an odor filter, and many other tools to get the growth going. Buying a complete kit might make the task a little easier.

If you're not into DIY, you can buy your own grow tent or grow box.

There are of all sizes and with different levels of sophistication. Here the most famous brand.


The most loved brand by home growers at Grow Diaries

Gorilla tents

One of the best-known brands, these are very sturdy grow tents suitable for every need. 

Growbarato kits

SpiderFarmert kits

Fully automated grow boxes

This is where technology comes to the rescue, solving most of the problems of cultivation. These state-of-the-art grow boxes manage nutrients, light, control air circulation, humidity levels, and manage odors with advanced filters: a science fiction dream.

Several companies have been born and died in this industry (e.g. Seedo). These are the products currently available on the market.

...and Linfa

We decided to open this online space to create a community of Linfa growers, so we are biased ;)

We ourselves have cultivated before with other technologies and solutions.  

This article was meant to be a brief overview for those who have never cultivated with Linfa before.

We end with a comparative infographic of grow boxes on the market.


What grow boxes have you had experience with? What are the pros and cons of Linfa? Share your opinion with us.